Sliding Door Security Lock Bar

Sliding Door Security Lock Bar


Sliding Door Security Lock Bar with stoplock

A Great Idea for Sliding Glass Doors and Windows that have locks that don’t work well, or you just need Extra Security.


The Sliding Glass Door Lock that Self Adjusts with the sliding door, Always in Place.

Sliding Door Security Lock Bar for patio doors three door action color

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar


A Simple Lift Up in the Middle to Unlock or Push Down on the Middle of the Security Lock Bar to Lock it.

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar handlock1

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar handlock2

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar handlock3

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar for patio doors handlock5

User Friendly-Lockking Security Lock Bar fit’s most types of sliding glass doors, metal,vinyl and wood.


  • Child Protection – Sliding Glass Door Lock installed at a higher height can be
    Out-Of-Reach for small children. Stoplock helps prevents the security bar from being unlocked.
  • Disabled & Handicapped Security– Lockking Sliding Door Lock can be Custom Made.

lockking Security Lock Bar for Disabled

  • Easy To Install and Easy To Use– 3M’s Double Sided High Adhesive Tape is attached on the 3/4″ wide mounting brackets making installation very easy.
  • The Sliding Door Security Lock Bar can be installed at different heights.  A recommended height is handle height of your sliding door.

“No Bending Over”

The Sliding Door Security Lock Bar will replace the sticks and broom handles placed in the bottom track to keep the slider from being opened.

lady removing stick from track of sliding glass door


  • Commercial Models– Lockking’s Commercial Model has the adjustment screw on the bottom of the lock bar which makes it more tamper-proof. Also the use of the StopLock for Extra Security helps with piece of mind.

 Sliding Door Security Lock Bar with Stoplock

  • Pet Door ModelsThe Pet Door Model is designed for your Pet Door Panel with the security bar and the Stoplock securing your slider. When the sliding door is fully open the sliding lock bar can take up 3″ in width.

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar for Pet Doors Panels

Lockking Security Lock Bar for Horizontal Windows

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar for Vertical Windows

  • Lockking Options– Security Lock Bars come in 3 colors, White, Black, and Stainless Steel.
  • Sliding Door Security Lock Bars are Constructed from Aircraft Quality Aluminum to Lockking Specifications.

Lockking Welcomes Quotes on Custom Size’s and Colors:

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Proudly Made in the.

Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bar Made in USA

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Purchased items can be returned within 30 days for full refund less shipping costs. Items must be unused and undamaged.
Purchaser is responsible for cost of shipping product back to JTC Solutions. All Special orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.

JTC Solutions LLC warranties all Lockking Products for a period of 5 years for any mechanical defects. JTC Solutions LLC assumes no responsibility for any misuse,
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LockKing™ is the answer.

LockKing™ is the answer.When I purchased a house and installed a “Doggy Door” for my Golden Retriever, I looked for a secure method for holding the sliding door securely closed against the dog door.I found the LockKing™ on the internet and it had features and a fair price for which I was looking. The ease of locking and unlocking, visible checking at a distance to see if secured and most of all peace of mind made this a great purchase.This is a quality lock and does not compare to any I saw available in any of the “big box” stores.It was easy to install and when my alarm company representative came over to relocate the alarm sensor to include monitoring the “doggy door”, he was impressed with the LockKing™ and its security and ease of use. I used the supplied screws for a more permanent installation.I now have my new house and my new LockKing™. I cannot imagine for the ease of installation and cost why people who have sliding patio doors do not have one as standard equipment. I sleep at night knowing there is no ineffective stick in the bottom door rail preventing a possible break-in.B C – Arizona


Tyi…Just took delivery on our locking mechanism today….like only two days from Oregon to Virginia….and we are thrilled with it.It is beautifully designed, well-constructed and well worth the extra we paid compared with the cheap, clanky, awkward andineffective models we have seen online and in our local Home Depot. It is so important that the unit is convenient enough to usethat we don’t get lazy…and your design just nailed it! Wish you all the best.Charlie

Best Sliding Door Lock on the market

Hello,I just want to tell you how pleased I am with this lock. This has to be the best sliding door lock on the market. The engineering on this is excellent. Ease of use, plus the extra lock addition to lock it down is fantastic. I think every sliding door should be using this lock. I tried many before this one. They were all so mediocre in design and in actually locking the door tight. So thank you so much for this product. Wish you guys great success. You really should be mass marketing this thing. I came across it by chance looking for something better online. God bless and thanks again.Andre A.Ca. “The Heaven’s declare the Glory of God, and the Earth shows His handiwork.”Psalm 19:1

Works as Advertised

From: KaySubject: Thank you for a great product that is easy to install, works as advertised and comes with great, personal serviceMessage Body:Well, I think I said it all in the subject line!Your product was so easy to install, as advertised. It works so easily and smoothly that my handicapped daughter has no trouble opening and closing it. The service was great and accommodating of my special needs.I wish I knew someone else with a sliding door so that I could recommend your product.Thank you very much.San Leandro, CA

I cannot recommend this bar highly enough

I wish I had found this bar years ago! As I have aged I have found it more and more difficult to get the pole out of the door runner. Ty fixed the bar so that I can disconnect it when I want to remove the doggie door when I am away on a trip, which really sold me on him and his customer service. I had a few questions on the installation but he was patient with my emails and I installed it in just a few minutes. Now I find myself going outside more often since it is so easy to unlock the bar. It is substantially made so I have no fear of it being broken by an intruder. I cannot recommend this bar highly enough. You will love it as I do!!Jutith A.

Installation straightforward

Outstanding product that you offer. The No-lockout feature makes it the best in the business. Installed today. Installation straightforward, instructions clear and accurate. Works as promised. Excellent product. Everyone with a sliding glass should consider this product. PS In 2 other homes I have installed 2 of your competitors products.I prefer your product to theirs. Thank you for inventing this device. Tom K

So easy to open and securely the door

Ty,Received the LockKing 5-6 commercial security bars today. I installed one and I could tell as soon as I started opening the package that this is a quality product – just from the weight, feel and sturdy construction. So easy to open and securely the door. I can’t bend either because of 3 back surgeries so this is so convenient and safe at the same time. Makes that flimsy charley bar a real joke. I hated lifting and lowering that thing every time I wanted to go outside.This thing in combination with a double bolt latch makes me feel much safer. Thank you for making such a great product. Erich

by Nora O., Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin on Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bars
Remarkable Customer Service

My brother is a quadriplegic with limited arm movement. He lives independently in a handicapped accessible apartment. He was having difficulty locking the patio door and though he could place a stick with a string attached to it in the door glides, it was not easy and he did not necessarily feel secure.I went on line searching for a better solution and I saw this lock advertised. I discussed it with my husband who happens to have built an airplane and is quite familiar with the strength and light weight benefits of aluminum. He agreed this lock design had merit and so I measured the door opening (which was not one of the 2 sizes you could order on line) and called Lockking Security Bars/Locks.TY listened to the situation and said he would see if the lock he had could work for that door size. By the end of the SAME day TY had called back and told me he had made a modified lock and that while it was not anodized his modified lock met our size specifications and he could send it right way if I wanted it.The initiative he took, without even knowing he would make the sale and the remarkable customer service I received are truly remarkable. We received the lock a couple days later.My brother showed my husband the height that he wanted the lock installed at, it was installed in minutes! It work great! My brother can operate it on his own and could not be more satisfied.This is a wonderful product. Thank you TY and Lockking Security Bars/Locks!Nora O., Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

by Brandy of Grants Pass on Lockking Sliding Door Security Lock Bars
Lockking Security Bars/Locks was the perfect answer

Anyone who owns a demanding dog or cat knows how often their sliding glass door is opened and closed during a day.My home is only 10 years old, yet I’ve had to pay the locksmith several times to come over and fix the lock. Believe me, this door gets used A LOT!Lockking Security Bars/Locks was the perfect answer. No more wear and tear on the original door lock, or messing with a dowel.After installing in minutes, I was really pleased with the ease of locking and unlocking the door.Now that I have used the Lockking Security Bars/Locks for almost a year, I don’t know how I did without it before!It sure adds to my sense of security knowing that there is a sturdy lock in my door.I am pleased that this is made in USA also, and even better yet - it’s a local product.I give Lockking Security Bars/Locks an A+. Thanks Ty and Jeanine!Brandy of Grants Pass

Mom is Safer Now

Hi Jeanine, I just wanted to thank you and Ty for taking the time to go over to my folks and install the Lockking Security Bars/Locks on their sliding glass door for them.They think it's really great and it will be so much easier for mom to deal with.I know they wouldn't have been able to put it in for themselves to I truly appreciate that you guys did it for them.The folks called me the other day to tell me how great the door lock is.Florence called me to to tell me how mom was showing it off to her. You must be doing really good with selling these.It seems like a big hit with the older people and I know it is with my mom because getting down on the floors was getting really hard for her and her hands are getting pretty curled up with arthritis so using them for fine skills is a real problem.I feel so much better just knowing it makes moms life a bit easier So Thank You!I appreciate what you did and knowing mom is safer now.Victoria D.

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