Sliding Window Lock Bars

Lockking Sliding Window Lock Bars for Extra Security


Lockking Sliding Window Lock Bars



Horizontal Sliding Windows

Lockking Sliding Window Lock Bars are designed to lay low out of view when in the locked positions. 

 Sliding Window Lock Bars attach to the Window that slides and the side that it slides into. 

Lockking Security Lock Bars are attached with 3M Industrial double sided foam adhesive that will leave no damage to window surface if removed.

Lockking Sliding Window Lock Bars Closeup


Sliding Window Lock Bars move with the Window as you Open and Close it.  It stays in the unlocked position until you are ready then you push down on the middle of the bar to lock.

Sliding Window Lock Bars

Lift Up on the Middle of the Bar to Unlock, Push Down on the Middle of the Bar to Lock.

Lockking Security Lock Bar Unlocking Lockking Security Lock Bar Unlocked Lockking Security Lock Bar Locking Lockking Security Lock Bar Locked


Vertical Single Hung Windows

Lockking also offers Vertical Window Lock Bars.

The Window must be a Single Hung Window, meaning that only one window slides.

Measure the Dimension “D” and email us at for a Quote.

This type of Lock Bar works the same as the horizontal window but requires a screw in the top special bracket.

Sliding Window Lock Bars vertical window


How the Vertical Lock Bar Works

Sliding Window Lock Bars vertical window


Lockking Products has Lock Bars for Sliding Glass Doors,

and Sliding Glass Doors with Pet Door Panels


Lockking Security Lock Bars for Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass door security locks,bars

Lockking has a variety of sizes to choose from.  The Sliding Glass Door Model work’s the same as the Window Lock Bar.

It comes with a larger mounting bracket with pre-drilled holes for the supplied screws as an option for a commercial application. 

The Stoplock is also included for extra security. 

Adjustment is made on the bottom side of the lock with the supplied hex wrench. 

Sizes range from 5′ sliding doors to 8′ sliding doors.

Custom Sizes available, please contact us at

Lockking Security Lock Bars for Sliding Glass Doors with Pet Door Panels

sliding glass door with pet door action

Another version of Lockking Security Lock Bar is for Pet Door Panels.

These locks are the same as the commercial version but with a varying size range to correspond with your Pet Panel. 

The lock bar can apply pressure to the sliding door thus applying pressure to the Pet Door Panel helping to seal it.  Aligning the sliding door with the panel may be necessary. 

The Stoplock comes into play when installing a Pet Door Panel.  The manufacturers seal between the two glass panels is broken creating a draft, most pet door manufacturers supply a weatherstrip to solve this problem. 

But there is another problem, a wire can be used to tamper with the lock. That is remedied by using a Stoplock which helps secure the lock bar.


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