How to Measure for a Lockking Security Bar

How to Meaure for a Lockking Security Bar Illustration

– Use a tape measure and place the end in the jamb side (where the sliding door butts into).

– While holding the end in the jamb pull the tape measure open to the inside edge of the sliding door or window.

– Match your measurement to the dimensions shown on the Shop Page, choose a color and click ADD TO CART.

– Please Note: In order to install a Lockking Security Lock Bar a flat surface of at least 3/4″ wide must be at both areas where the 2 mounting brackets will be installed.

Lockking Security Bar bracket location

– Both surfaces that the mounting brackets are adhered to must be cleaned pre-installation with rubbing alcohol. Any other cleaning solution may leave a soapy residue that the 3M Adhesive will not adhere to.

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