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LockKing Dog Door Locks for Pet Door Panels will move with the Sliding Glass Door when opened and closed.

  • The Lock Bar is Easy To Use, Lift Up the Middle of the Lock to Unlock and Push Down on the Middle to Lock.

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  • The Sliding Glass Door with the Lockking Security Lock in place applies pressure against the Door Panel help to seal it the door against the Pet Door Panel.
  • The Dog Door Lock is Always in working position, Always In Sight.
  • There are NO STICKS or PINS to play with, NO BENDING OVER to pick up a stick or pipe, easy on your body.
  • Lockking Dog Door Locks are Easy to Install, and Easy to Use.
  • Lockking Dog Door Locks takes up to 2”-3” in width when open, therefore your walk-through opening will also be up to 3″ narrower.
  • Lockking Mounting Brackets use 3M Industrial Adhesive Tape to adhere the Dog Door Locks in place, screws are optional for the pre-drilled brackets.
  • Lockking Locks will help you with a better sense of Home Security and Piece of Mind.
  • Each Lockking Dog Lock is supplied with a Stoplock for added security.
  • Sliding Door Locks come in many sizes and 3 basic Colors, White, Black, and Stainless Steel.
  • If your sliding door latch is broken or ineffective the Lockking Sliding Door Lock will help secure your door.
  • The Sliding Door Lock secures your sliding door when a Pet Door Panel is installed.
  • The Lock applies pressure against the Pet Door Panel securing the Door against the panel.
  • The Stoplock helps secure the Lock from tampering.
  • Lockking Locks are Made in Oregon, USA. Made to Order of Quality Grade Aluminum.

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