Sliding Door Security Bars-Instructions

Sliding Door Security Bars Instructions

Click Here for Install Instructions for Lockking Sliding Door Security Bars

Lockking Sliding Door Security Bars

  • LockKing’s Sliding Door Security Bars are designed for Commercial and Residential applications.
  • The Adjustment Screw which adjusts with the supplied hex wrench on the bottom track helps make the Security Bar Tamper Proof.
  • The Sliding Door Security Bar is Easy to Install and Easy To Use.
  • Lockking’s Sliding Door Security Bars End Brackets are Pre-Drilled for the supplied screws as an Extra Security Option.
  • Another Extra Security Option is the supplied Stoplock.
  • The Sliding Door Security Bars are available in 3 colors, White, Black, and Silver, Custom Colors available.

Use your tape measure to make a pencil mark on both areas where the top of the Mounting Brackets will go. Clean the Surface Well and center a bracket with the paper pulled off and push on to adhere. Follow the same procedure for the other surface.

  • The 2 flat surfaces that the Mounting Brackets will mounted to Must Be Cleaned With isopropyl alcohol. Any other type of cleaner may contain soap hindering the foam tape.
  • With a Simple Adjustment the Commercial Sliding Door Lock is Ready To Use.
  • Lift Up the Middle of the Sliding Door Lock to Unlock the Lock. When ready to Lock Push Down on the Middle the square tube to Lock it level.
  • When the Sliding Door Opens and Closes the Lock will move Back and Forth, Self Adjusting as it moves.
  • Lockking also sells Pet Door Locks for Sliding Doors with Pet Door Panels.
  • Lockking sells Security Bars for Horizontal Windows and Soon Vertical Windows

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